Updated: April 2, 2000
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ximtoppm - convert an Xim file to a PPM image  


ximtoppm [--alphaout={alpha-filename,-}] [ximfile]  


This program is part of Netpbm.

ximptoppm reads an Xim file as input and produces a PPM image as output. The Xim toolkit is included in the contrib tree of the X.V11R4 release.  


You can abbreviate any option to its shortest unique prefix.

ximtoppm creates a PGM file containing the transparency channel values in the input image. If the input image doesn't contain a transparency channel, the alpha-filename file contains all zero (transparent) transparency values. If you don't specify --alphaout, ximtoppm does not generate a transparency file, and if the input image has a transparency channel, ximtoppm simply discards it.

If you specify - as the filename, ximtoppm writes the transparency output to Standard Output and discards the image.

Actually, an Xim image can contain an arbitrary fourth channel -- it need not be a transparency channel. ximtoppm extracts any fourth channel it finds as described above; it doesn't matter if it is a transparency channel or not.

See pamcomp for one way to use the transparency output file.



pamcomp, ppm  


Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.


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